Meet our 777 marathon national team for 2024

Anaru Utiera

The Crazy Adventurer with a Passion for Pushing Boundaries!

Meet Anaru, a self-proclaimed wild spirit with an insatiable thirst for adventure. He's not your typical guy; he's the kind of individual who thrives on the thrill of pushing himself to the absolute limits. Anaru's world revolves around the extraordinary, the audacious, and the downright crazy.

For Anaru, it's not just about the kilometres he covers—it's about the exhilaration of the journey. He's a true adrenaline junkie, always on the lookout for the next daring feat. He's the kind of person who believes that life should be lived to the fullest, and he's willing to give anything and everything a go. Anaru is ready to embrace the wild and the wacky.

Anaru has 3 wonderful children Cera aged 22, Kyle aged 25 and Andrew aged 27.

Branka Indic

My name is Branka and this is my third year running 777 Marathon and supporting Bravehearts in their mission to empower, educate and protect our children. 

I am very committed and passionate about protecting and safeguarding all children and very lucky to be working for the organisation that has the same values, Busy Bees Early Learning Australia. It makes me SUPER privileged and proud to be able to represent all of Busy Bees Services across Australia at 777 Marathon 2024 and show our commitment to Child Protection and Safeguarding.  
Child sexual abuse is a crime that affects all races, economic classes and cultural groups. 1 in 4 Australians have experienced child sexual abuse.

Child sexual abuse is a preventable crime that requires holistic approach from all involved: businesses, communities, systems and individuals. 

As an individual, am doing my part to assist in prevention of this terrible crime by bringing awareness to the issue and running 7 marathons in 7 states over 7 consecutive days. My goal is to raise $11,000 for Bravehearts so that they can continue to empower and protect Australian children. 

Please help me and donate to my fundraiser to meet my target and make Australia the safest place to raise a child, together we can do it!  

Brian Upton

Brian Upton, 72yrs old, affectionately known by friends as Uppy Snr or by family and grandchildren as Poppy.

Married for 50 yrs to Robyn with 3 Adult children and 5 awesome grandchildren.

Living on the Gold Coast since 1988, spent 35yrs in hospitality mainly in Victoria as General Manager from the age of 24. Then on the Gold Coast was General Manager at the original Fisherman’s Wharf complex.

Competed in the very first Coolangatta Gold in 1983 and started competing in Triathlons from 1984, in all distances.  Qualified and competed in 3 Olympic distance World Championship events and Qualified 5 times for the World Ironman Triathlon championships in Kona.

Cancer survivor 5 yrs ago (Prostate) removed then 6 months Chemo and 34 days Radiation.

During chemo competed in a Triathlon and qualified for the Olympic distance World Championships. Competed in those World championships 6 weeks after all the chemo and Radiation was finished.

As a father and Son team we want to spread the importance and awareness of protecting all children from sexual abuse.

A world where people, communities and systems work together for the one purpose.

Chris 'Glacks' Glacken
South Australia

The journey continues to raise funds and awareness for the need to #protectkids. It's my job!!

I'm taking part in Australia's mightiest ultra-marathon challenge - Bravehearts' 777 Marathon,  This means I will run 7 Marathons in 7 States in 7 Days to raise funds and awareness for the prevention of child sexual assault and exploitation. 

This will be my tenth consecutive year assisting Bravehearts during the 777 week, and my desire to continue this much needed work is as strong as ever.

Please help me meet my fundraising goal by donating online today.

Clive Thomas
New South Wales

Hello, my name is Clive Thomas, I'm 62 years of age and living in South West Rocks NSW.

I'm entering the Braveheart 777 as a national runner to raise funds and awareness of Child Sexual Abuse.

I have chosen to run 7klms, in 7days in 7 states in honour of our son, father, brother, cousin and friend., Elliott. This organisation is close to my heart as our son was sexually assaulted as a 10year old by his friends father. As a result of this trauma he took his own life in December,2021 aged 29.

More than 1 in 4 Australians have experienced child sexaul abuse, most likely someone they or you know.

I'm raising awareness so that no child has to be part of these frightening statistics.

Colin Noble

My name is Colin Noble, 38 yrs old, father to three incredibly beautiful children in Poppy, Henry and Lennon and husband of 6 years to the amazing Jess.

Originally from the Lake District in the UK, I have been in Australia since 2011.


This year I’m taking part in the Bravehearts 777 Marathon, running 7 marathons, in 7 states, over 7 consecutive days.

Australia’s mightiest marathon to protect kids!!!

Bravehearts is a child protection organisation dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. There are many who are among us who have suffered in silence. 
1 in 4 Australians have experienced child sexual abuse.


I first learned about the Bravehearts 777 marathon and Bravehearts through meeting some national runners on a fitness holiday in NSW.  I followed the 2023 team incredibly closely and met them at the start line before the Gold Coast Marathon. That was when I knew that one day I would be with this team so I asked myself, ‘Why wait?’.


After the inspiring conversations with the national runners I decided that the Bravehearts 777 Marathon taking place from July 1-7 2024 is achievable. I have set myself a target to raise $15,000 to support this amazing charity and I’d love your help.

Awareness and Fundraising events aren’t new to me, having previously raising money for wounded service armed forces, veterans of armed forces and the families impacted, Great North Air Ambulance, Ronald McDonald House, Beyond Blue, Odyssey House Drug and alcohol rehabilitation amongst many others through mountain climbs, marathons and fun runs. Totalling $30,000.


Working with the dedicated Bravehearts team to prevent and support those affected by child sex abuse is an absolute honour and I feel privileged to be able to help drive awareness and raise funds to support. 


My mission when running a few kilometres across the country and raising funds, is to help people understand that there is professional help and avenues of support out there for those impacted by child sexual abuse.  This amazing charity is one we all hope no one ever needs but also hope is there for those who do need it.  This thought alone should be enough for anyone to support this amazing cause.


Help me reach my target by donating and be proud to say that you too have helped protect Australian children from child sexual abuse.


Curtis Cooper

I started running long distance in 2017 after my son was born. I have now completed 5 marathons and walked the Kokoda Track. I began to take on these challenges to show him that no matter what you want to achieve, if you work hard, set your mind to it and give it your everything, youll be able to accomplish anything you want to in life. I really believe that if you have the ability to do something others may not be able to, you should - especially if it benefits people who need it. Call me crazy, but the chance to push myself to run 7 marathons in 7 days, while at the same time raising money for Bravehearts was one too good to pass up.

Its a privilege to be able to help kids who may otherwise not be able to help themselves. Also, running is a very much a solo sport. Youre often training for hours and hours, kilometre after kilometre with only your own thoughts and determination to get you through.

The chance to be part of a running team that will support and encourage each other to achieve something truly incredible will be amazing. No doubt my wife Claire and son Archie will be there to cheer us on at the Melbourne leg.
Lets get it!

Danielle Mo

Hello, my name is Danielle Mo and I’m from sunny Brisbane.  I am so excited to be a part of the Bravehearts 777 Marathon National Team.  I will be completing 7 Marathons in 7 states in 7 days and raise $11,000 each to help raise awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse. 

Why am I doing this? I am a mum of 2 children, an 8-year-old son and 6 year old daughter.  I want EVERYONE to know about the amazing resources Bravehearts provides to children and families effected by child sexual abuse.  I also want to raise awareness about their personal safety program that works within schools to help prevent child sexual abuse by educating children about their personal safety.  

I have completed various charity runs, park runs, trail runs and haf marathons but never ran a marathon before so I am looking forward to this challenge! 

Please help me meet my fundraising goal by donating today.

David Fechner

My name is David, I am 33 years old and live in Brisbane. I grew up in the most loving family in a small country town in Germany. More than 20 years ago, I was sexually harassed by a man who was supposed to be my mentor. When I told my friends about it, they shared that they also were harassed by the same man. We all laughed about it and thought it was normal because it happened to all of us.

One year later at a warm summer night, I told my mum what happened. The next morning, my dad reported the man to the police. My parents asked me if I wanted to make a statement at the police. I do not remember saying it but my mum told me the other day that I wanted to make a statement because I didn’t want any other children to experience what I and my teammates went through. Even though I made a statement, the man was never convicted, leaving me with the feeling that he did not do anything wrong.

Today, after many therapy sessions, I am starting to understand how this childhood experience impacted my life. I am very fortunate and grateful for being supported by my partner, my family and friends throughout my healing journey. I am the perfect example that child sexual abuse/harassment is a problem that knows no physical, financial, socioeconomic, geographic, cultural or gender boundaries.

I will run the Bravehearts' 777 Marathons to speak up about child sexual abuse for those that can’t and raise funds for Bravehearts’ essential personal safety programs for young children, and counselling services for children and families affected by child sexual abuse.

Please donate to help me reach my fundraising goal of $11,000, every dollar makes a difference.


Jason Quigley
New South Wales

I am NSW Police Detective, being employed by the NSW Police for 14.5 years. I am married, my wife too is a Police Officer. I am the father of two young boys who are six and four, they are my existence, and the reason I get out of bed every morning.  

I am a dedicated runner, running daily, averaging over 500 kilometres a month. I have been running these distances over the last 9 months, during which time I have competed in several marathons and recently finished my first ultra-marathon a 63-kilometre event held in Kangaroo Valley. I know that I have the mental toughness and physical fitness to compete in the Bravehearts’ 777 Marathon. I have 9 months until the event, I have begun training for such and intend on increasing my fitness between now and July 2024 to enable me to complete this challenging task.     

The Braveheart’s Charity and associated 777 Marathon, is a charity event that I strongly believe in. I feel the work they do is invaluable, immensely important, and somewhat relentless in nature. I honestly and strongly believe this as, sexual abuse in children is a ‘Silent Crime’ in which the vulnerable child victims, are targeted and preyed upon, often by persons known to them and their respective families. Charities like Bravehearts’ help in the education and awareness of such, assisting victims and their families to identify and report the matters to Police, in turn bringing the offenders to justice. Police rely on services such as Bravehearts’, most times unknowingly as without their existence such complex crimes may go unreported and/or undetected.  

Throughout my career I have been involved in several investigations relating to child sexual abuse and have placed offenders before the Courts for such matters. I personally know of individuals and families that have been directly affected by child sexual abuse; as such, the Braveheart’s charity is one close to my heart.  

I know the 7 marathons will be tough both physically and mentally, this a mere snapshot of the pain/anguish that victims and families of such a heinous crime experience. I see the opportunity to raise money and awareness for this great cause is something I need to do.  

Furthermore, I feel it is a great example to set for my boys, showing them, you can complete any task you set your mind to! 


Jess Peil
Australian Capital Territory

I'm taking part in Australia's mightiest ultra-marathon challenge - Bravehearts' 777 Marathon, This means I will run 7 Marathons in 7 States in 7 Days to raise funds and awareness for the prevention of child sexual abuse. 

This will be my sixth consecutive year running marathons for Bravehearts during the 777 week. To date I have raised over $160,000 and would love to top over the $200,000 goal in 2024. I will continue to raise both funds and awareness for this much needed work as it is a passion of mine and keeping kids safe from sexual abuse, is my life's purpose.

Please help me meet my fundraising goal by donating online today.'

Joe Hall
New South Wales

From 0k, to 5k, to 42k, to 60k, to 110k!

I’m not a typical runner, and I’m certainly not the best runner there is, but I’m always up for a challenge & the 777 seems like the perfect one!

Originally from the UK, landed in Australia about 5 years ago after deciding that the cold weather and career path I had chosen wasn’t quite for me! I went to university and competed a sport and exercise science degree with pathway to becoming a PE Teacher! I decided to go travelling and ended up here in Sydney.

When looking back over the years, I’ve always been a huge fan of giving back to people around me in any way possible. 

My running career really started around those gloomy covid years in which I was growing frustrated with not being able to play sport or go to the gym! One day in 2021, I went out for my first real 5k run, got addicted to the challenge and decided to do a 10k run the following week. Sadly, my best friend back in the UK was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. During this time I was starting to run.. I thought what better way to give back, and support him by doing my first ever marathon in aid of a charity chosen by him! 10 weeks later I had went from 0k to a full marathon in Melbourne! That’s when the bug hit. 

Since then I went and completed a 60k ultra marathon across the great ocean road & then most recently, completing a really tough 110k ultra marathon with 4000m elevation up and around mount Kosciuszko! When I saw the 777 marathon it was instantly the perfect next challenge.

I'm doing this run alongside my best friend Stephen who recently ran from the top of Ireland to the bottom.

Let’s go!

John Wilson
Australian Capital Territory

My name is John Wilson, 46 years old father to 3 boys.

I started running about 9 years ago with my first major event being the Canberra 100km. This was probably not the best one to start with being 100kms! But I finished it, and I was hooked! I first signed up for the Bravehearts 777 Marathon in 2020, which was unfortunately then cancelled. I had already trained extremely hard and had raised over $16,000, so I decided to still run the 7 marathons in Canberra. We mapped out the 7 routes to incorporate the roads to match the states we should have been running in each day. It was a fantastic week! The support I received was truly amazing.

I couldn’t wait to then sign up again for 2022 and then 2023 and run the event the way it was designed to be completed. It was a challenging week but I have signed up again for 2024 and am well into my fundraising and training to make this my best year yet!

I have committed to raise $11 000 for this great and much needed charity.


Kaitlin Primrose

My name is Kait Primrose.  

I am 26 years old; my favourite colour is pink, and I used to absolutely HATE running.

I participated in this event in 2021 and it did exactly what the event is designed to do- it almost broke me. Whilst I received so much support from family, friends and a whole heap of strangers who I am forever grateful for, it challenged me in so many ways I was not expecting. Yes, it hurt. I had the typical sunburn, sweat, blood, bruises, blisters and tears of the other national runners. However, I also faced so many mental demons I wasn’t prepared for. I have never felt so lonely, so abandoned, so humiliated, so defeated. I made it through the week but it took me well over 8 months to be able to put a pair of sneakers on again without feeling some sort of anxiety and sadness. Even now, when I think about my experience, I often get tears in my eyes.

It really put into perspective what the victims that we run for must feel. 

In 2023, I returned to the 777 Marathon. I raised more money than I had in 2021, and in turn, more awareness. I completed each day in a consistent, admirable time. I made life-long friends turned family in the lead up and then again during the event. And I inspired many of my friends and family to start their running journey. I enjoyed every part of the experience, and before the week was over, we were already brainstorming ideas for 2024. Somewhere along the way, I learned to adore running.

I am vice-captain of my AFL team, I work for a law enforcement agency, which swears to serve and protect and I am a big sister of two little boys who are growing much too quickly. And I believe wholeheartedly that these little people deserve to grow up in a world where their only concern should be how they spend their pocket money at the school canteen.

2024 will be an ultra-special journey for me as I have convinced my mum to partake in the event. She has been one of my biggest supporters in life, and has been much loved by the Bravehearts family since 2021. I am already so incredibly proud of her, and cannot wait to have her join the Bravehearts Hall of 777 Legends.

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey. We will be the ones in pink.

Kelly Primrose

I am a sister, daughter, aunt, friend, co-worker but most proudly mother of Kait. Although a young mum I belive she is my greatest achievement. She inspires me to get involved and encourages me to be brave. 

I live an active lifestyle that involves 4am alarms and morning gym sessions. My preferences are HIIT and bike sessions. Lifting heavy objects feeds my soul. I am not a runner. Yet. The biggest challenge for me will be running 7 days in a row. 21kms (half marathons) each day sounds uncomfortable but not unachievable. 

I reflect on the 24 years that Kait's dad and I have successfully and uniquely co-parented and am proud of the safe, caring, and open environment we created. It saddens me that not every child lives in a situation or atmosphere where they can raise issues or speak about incidents that will have a lifelong impact.

The best world would be one free from abuse - all kinds, for everyone.

Kirrily Sartore

My name is Kirrily and I am the mother of a beautiful 14 year old daughter, partner to an amazing man Ross (also completing Bravehearts 777 for his fifth time), a Defence Veteran and now Public Servant working for Defence. I grew up in a very loving and caring family and am loucky enough to still be surrounded by those very special people. 

Why am I doing this? Whilst I have always been physcially active, I have only fairly recently understood the joys and challenges that running can bring. I have partipated in a number of road and trail running events including local and interstate half marathons. I have also completed a number of 'ultra' running events through the trails of the ACT and NSW. Althoug the feeling of crossing the finish line each time can be amazingly rewarding, it is nothing compared to the thought of helping those that are, or have been, far less fortunate than myself and my family. 

This will be my third year of raising funds for Bravehearts, and my second time completing the National event as unfortuantely I was struck down with COVID-19 on the eve of the 2022 event.

By taking part in this enormous challenge of running 7 marathons in 7 states in 7 days I hope to raise much needed funds and awareness for such a worthwile cause. Please help me in educating and empowering others so we can minimise the risk of harm to children and make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child. 

Laura Firth
Western Australia

My name is Laura. I'm a wife, a mother, a runner, a personal trainer and I am a survivor! I don’t share my story much, but child sexual assault is something that is generally hard for people to talk about I want to do everything I can to make sure that this crime is not swept under the rug. I want people to stand up, be aware, be educated, and all work together to protect children.

After being removed from my birth home at the age of 4 I was placed into foster homes until the age of 9. To say I had a rough start could be an understatement. At 9 I was adopted. My family are what saved me. They showed me love, gave me strength and provided me with safety. Something all children need. But I'm not running the 777 for me. I'm running the 777 for all the children out there who need someone to be there love, strength and safety. I'm running it so that adults will take notice of this crime, and do what they can to ensure they are educated. I'm asking you to help me do this. To help make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child. To do your bit to ensure that children are protected from child sexual assault.

To know that 1 in 4 children will be sexually harmed in some way  before the age of 18 is mind-blowingly sad. To know that there is something I can do to help - something YOU can do to help, well that’s a gift.

Mark Upton
New South Wales

Mark Uption, 43 yrs old. I graduated from The Southport School (TSS) Gold COast in 1996. Now living in the seaside town of Wollongon, NSW. Married to Michelle and have 3 amazing children, Harrison, Grace and William.

Love pushing the boundaries to what we can achieve including Marathons, short and long-distance Triathlons and currently 3 Ironman Triathlon events. As with Uppy Snr (Dad) I’ve been in hospitality all my life, currently General Manager of a Resort hotel in Wollongong.

My first Ironman event was lucky enough to race it with Uppy Snr in Port Macquarie in 2016.

My children motivate me every day to show them how to push the limits in sport and my amazing wife Michelle, supports me in these crazy hobbies.

The opportunity to participate in Bravehearts 777 with Brian (Uppy Snr) and represent Bravehearts on educating the community on a world free and prevention of child sex abuse is an honour and privilege.

Mark Friedland
New South Wales

My name is Mark. I'm 25 years old and I love to run!

This is my first 777 Marathon and I'm very excited and privileged to have the opportunity to fundraise for Bravehearts.

I love the physical challenge involved with running 7 Marathons in 7 States in 7 Days but more importantly I feel very strongly about the important work Bravehearts does. More than 1 in 4 Australians have experienced child sexual abuse. This is why it is so crucial to raise awareness and funds for the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse.


Melissa Searle

As a proud mother of three young adults and a very proud nanna (aka nan nan!) their safety and opportunity to flourish in this world has always been, and will continue to be, my priority. However, 1 in 4 children do not have this opportunity, nor do they feel they have a voice or feel safe. I believe that WE are the voice of these children and to be part of the Braveheart 777 National Team, taking up this challenge demonstrates my commitment to make a difference, raise awareness and to protect our children from harm. Yes, I will be running 777, however spreading the word of the amazing work of Bravehearts, is my main drive.  

This will be my fourth year participating in Bravehearts 777. Last year, I had the amazing opportunity to be part of the Bravehearts Crew, who assisted the incredible runners, although this was such an honour, next year I am, once again, returning as a National Runner. I am an extremely motivated and passionate person and Assistant Principal, at a local primary school, who believes that you can do anything you set your mind to, as life is too short to hold regrets. Running for me is not about winning the race, it’s about personal achievement, friendships, role modelling and helping others achieve their own personal goals. 

I believe that we can join together and make a difference for our children, and Bravehearts 777, is the perfect space to do this. It’s all about keeping our children safe.  

Mitchell Poulos
Australian Capital Territory


I'm Mitch from the ACT and I’m excited to be taking part in the 2024 Bravehearts' 777 Marathon. This will involve running 7 marathons, in 7 days across 7 different states.

The marathon schedule will begin on the 1st of July 2024 and be in the following order: Perth · Adelaide · Melbourne · Launceston · Sydney · Canberra · Gold Coast (Chery Marathon). This will cap off 295km of running in 7 days.

More importantly, the Bravehearts charity holds a special place in my heart. Knowing people personally who are victims of child sexual abuse, I am motivated to do all I can to raise money and awareness for an important service such as Bravehearts.

It's alarming to know that 1 in 5 Australian children will experience child sexual abuse – a deeply troubling statistic. My goal is to raise $11,000 for Bravehearts, which will directly fund personal safety education, counselling and assistance, child protection training and guidance, as well as research and reform.

I'm extremely grateful to anyone who can contribute by donating, participating in my fundraising events, or simply being there to cheer me on during the marathons. Any form of support plays a crucial role in spreading awareness about Bravehearts' cause.

For those interested in jersey sponsorship or event details, please feel free to contact me at

Thank you!

Michael OBrien
Australian Capital Territory

Hello, my name is Michael, I started running in November 2022. I quickly discovered I enjoyed how running made me feel and the sense of achievement I got out of it. Early on in the piece, I set myself a goal of starting my 30th Birthday (March 2, 2023) by running a marathon. 

There wasn’t one scheduled in Canberra that morning, I wasn’t going to let that, or anything else, stop me. Getting up at 4am, throwing the runners on, doing a few stretches later I was off and running around my beautiful city. 

Did it all go exactly to plan? Absolutely not. Did I have the worlds best plan? Absolutely not. Did it teach me a lot? You betcha! Kind of sounds like life right?

I immediately caught the bug of loving distance running, and set my sights on the Canberra Marathon. A very long story short, I went on to find an amazing set of running coaches, a dedicated running group, and I have completed 9 marathons this year. Looking to build to even bigger heights in 2024.

I’m excited to be representing the ACT and taking part in the 2024 Bravehearts' 777 Marathon. This will involve running 7 marathons, in 7 days across 7 different states and territories.

The marathon schedule will begin on the 1st of July 2024 and be in the following order: Perth · Adelaide · Melbourne · Launceston · Sydney · Canberra · Gold Coast. 295km of running in 7 days, oh boy HOW EXCITING!

Bravehearts holds a special place in my heart. I am here to do my best to help enact positive change. My goal is to raise $11,000 for Bravehearts, which will directly fund personal safety education, counselling and assistance, child protection training and guidance, as well as research and reform.

I'm extremely grateful to anyone who can contribute by donating.

Michael Pengue
New South Wales

Hi everyone! My name is Michael, I’m 30 years old from Sydney, NSW.  When you don’t find me battling Sydney traffic, you will usually find me running along The Grand Parade of Brighton Le-Sands!

Currently I am on a run streak (still the early days) and I’m also a father, finance, boxing trainer, former Professional Boxer and qualified carpenter.  Running has always been a part of my life from little athletics, through to my first City2Surf in 2007 and into my roadwork for boxing matches.

After 12 years competing as a boxer, once I hung up the gloves, I was eager to find the next thing that would push me to my limits and find the best version of myself.

I found the 777 Marathon back in July and thought “ok this is it!”.  At first, for me it was all about the challenge, I knew that to run a full marathon would be a massive achievement in itself.  So, to run 7 in a week ticked the boxes!  I knew this would take me well and truly out of my comfort zone both mentally and physically.

 As I look more into the event and learnt about the amazing and important work that Bravehearts does, It becomes so much more than taking on physical challenge for myself.  Once I was made aware of the statistics and just how prevalent child sexual abuse in Australia is, I knew this was something the world needs to be more aware of and I want to do what I can to help raise that awareness.

 I’m absolutely stoked to be a part of the National Runners for the 2024 edition of the 777 Marathon!  I can’t wait to meet some amazing humans and raise money and awareness for Bravehearts.

Peta Leigh
New South Wales

Preventing and responding to child sexual abuse is a cause very close to my heart - it is profoundly unfair and heartbreaking that any child experiences it. The evidence-based work of Bravehearts could not be more important in stopping sexual abuse before it happens and supporting brave survivors to minimise the impact of trauma so that they can live happy, healthy lives.

This is why I’m supporting Bravehearts - I truly believe that until all children can grow up safe from sexual abuse, we won’t have done enough.

So why have I decided to run the 777 Marathon in 2024? I’m no natural athlete - I had to be dragged to little athletics as a child, where I was often seen bulldozing through hurdles rather than even trying to get my little legs over them. But to my surprise, I’ve recently discovered a love for running that I’m going to push to the limit for this cause. I’ll be training really hard to make this happen over the next 8 months, hopefully with lots of old and new friends and post-run pastries along the way.

This will be a real challenge for me and I’m asking for your support - if you can, I’d be so grateful for any donation you can make to keep my legs ticking over in support Bravehearts’ life changing work.


Peter Mahoney

My Name is Peter Mahoney and I’m 61 years old. Many times I tried to begin this. The secret carried since childhood drives me now. My father was a very violent abusive alcoholic, along with the violence shared by my mother and siblings, unfortunately for me there was more. I’m stating this not for sympathy it’s just the facts and leads into why I’m so very keen to support Bravehearts.  I was so very lucky to have an amazingly strong loving mum who got us kids through those years but the there was no support, no one outside our home knew. That’s why the school programs delivered by Bravehearts to me are so very important. If kids can be shown its ok to speak to empower them not to be victims we can change the futures of not only the kids, but entire families. Again this is not about sympathy or looking back. 

I’m the luckiest man in the world, I know too many here in Ballarat who couldn’t carry the burden and taken their own lives but here I am having been father and then a single dad to five kids since they were aged 11 to 17, two boys and three girls. Now my youngest is 29yr and I have ten magnificent grandchildren. 

They are proud that I’m doing the 777 again and so yes I can run, that’s the easy part. The hard part is asking for financial support. There is so many worthy causes out there, you can’t get behind all of them. I very much understand that and only ask for your consideration here to help me get behind Bravehearts and help protect the most precious in our community, the kids.
So when people ask me why, my answer is quite simple. If we can help even one child it’s all been so worth it.

Ross Scott
Australian Capital Territory 

Who am I – My name is Ross Scott. I am a loving partner, devoted father, a Defence veteran, and now a contractor to Defence and an avid runner.  

I have been extremely lucky to have had a humble and loving upbringing in rural Victoria where I felt safe. My partner Kirrily and I have a beautiful, fun loving, confident 13 year old daughter. The thought of her being anything other than safe and well, terrifies me. 

And why am I doing this – Those who know me know that I enjoy running. I’m certainly not fast but I love the crunch of gravel under my feet exploring the many trails in and around Canberra. I’ve completed many running events including some ultramarathons. Whilst all of these runs have been challenging in their own way I’ve completed them to achieve personal goals and for my own satisfaction.  

I am a quiet Australian, one of many who live life going about my own business trying to do the best I can in society. When I heard about Bravehearts and the incredible work they do, it was a revelation, a moment in time when I knew I could be doing more for our community and the vulnerable children within it. This was an opportunity to link my running to a cause and hopefully inspire others to take part. This will be my fourth year of raising funds for Bravehearts. I did the virtual event in 2020, the QLD Edition in 2021, I was struck down with COVID 19 on the eve of the 2022 event but managed to do the Canberra and Gold Coast legs, and hopefully I’ll complete the National event in 2023. By taking on this challenge I hope to raise awareness and funds to protect our children from sexual assault and exploitation. 

Stephen Lynch
New South Wales

Hi, my name is Stephen Lynch and I’m from a small village called Duleek in Co.Meath Ireland. I’ve been living in Sydney now over 4 years which I absolutely love mostly because of how active the lifestyle along with the good weather and nice beaches. 

Growing up I played sport to a moderate high level in both Soccer and Gaelic (Irish AFL) and would do my local charity 10km run each year. Then during the lockdown in 2021 and the restrictions that came with it, it made me get more into running. 

I went from my max distance of 10km to completing the Melbourne Marathon within 11 weeks. This then led on into 2022 where I completed two ultra marathons (Great Ocean Road 60km & Bondi to Manly 80km) along with the Sydney marathon. 

Then 2023 came along and I thought to myself, what next? Taking inspiration of Ned Brockmans run across Australia I decided to run the length of Ireland from top to bottom in August of last year. 

After just over 8 days I completed the gruelling challenge of 563km (3,000m + elevation) and in doing so became the youngest person to complete the route while also raising €70,000 for two mental health Irish charities. 

And here we are now, January 2024 and I cannot wait to start my prep for the Bravehearts 777 Marathon! 

Let’s go.