Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an Athlete or Runner to Participate as part of the National Team?

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Not at all! You can choose to participate across any of the distances – 7km, 14km, 21.1km or 42.2km. The final marathon – The Gold Coast Marathon – will be the only 10km or full marathon you will need to register for.

You will be given 6.5 hours maximum to complete the distance of your choice. You could choose to walk the half, or jog the 7kms and give yourself more recovery time.

There are many options, and we are happy to discuss these with you.

How do I train for such an event?

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Bravehearts will put you in contact with a mentor/coach. The coach will provide ongoing support online via our private Facebook group, email and phone calls and monthly skype group meetings. The mentor will also develop a standard training program, and can adjust this based on individual needs.

Also, you can download our TRAINING TIPS HANDBOOK as a good starting point if you are new to marathon running.

How do the funds raised help protect Aussie kids from child sexual abuse?

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  • Children gain access to Bravehearts acclaimed personal safety education program – Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure; or
  • Crisis calls to Bravehearts' support line are responded to; or
  • Children and families receive trauma-informed counselling and support; or
  • Training and community awareness is delivered to people who work with children; or
  • Any combination of these life-changing interventions plus so much more.

What does a day in the life of a National Runner look like?

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An example of what a day looks like (Please note this is an estimate and will change depending on location and flight times)

  • Breakfast in your hotel room
  • 6.40am Walk or be transferred to run site
  • 7.00am Run starts
  • When finish you’ll have physios and lunch provided. You can walk back or be transferred back to hotel
  • 1.30pm Run Finish
  • 2.00pm check out of hotel
  • 2.15pm transferred to airport
  • 3.00pm Check into flight
  • Have dinner at airport or when you arrive in the next state
  • Fly to next state
  • Transfer to hotel
  • Check into hotel

What is the ‘Legends Dinner’ and how much is it?

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The ‘Legends Dinner’ is a celebratiry event, held by Bravehearts, for all National participants. It is held on the Gold Coast, on the Sunday after the Gold Coast marathon.

All National Participants will receive a complementary invitation for 2 people, where we will review the week that was, and celebrate your amazing achievements. Further tickets will be available to purchase closer to the event.

Who do I talk to about Fundraising and can I get any help?

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The Bravehearts staff are here to assist you with ideas and tips. We will assist you as best we can with fundraising opportunities in your area. We highly recommend getting suggestions from past 777 participants, and from other National Participants within the private Facebook group.

Who is classed as a National Runner?

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Any individual who registers for the full national 777 Tour and who is planning on travelling with the National Team and participating in all 7 marathons.

National Participants raise a minimum of $11,000 to help protect Australian children against sexual abuse.

When do entries close for National Runners?

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National Runner registrations close on 31 January, 2024 unless capacity is reached prior to this date.

Can I bring a support person?

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Support people are welcome; however, they will need to book their own flights, accommodation and transfers. The event, and all facilities pertaining to the event are reserved for event competitors and staff only.

How can I contact Bravehearts 777 Staff?

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You can contact our events team by completing our CONTACT US FORM or calling (07) 5552 3000.