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Your donation will help children and families impacted by child sexual abuse.

An important part of Bravehearts' work is helping families move forward and begin to heal after abuse is disclosed. Please make a tax-deductible gift before June 30 so we can continue our vital work helping children and their non-offending family members heal in the aftermath of abuse.

TRIGGER WARNING: The following contains discussion of child sexual abuse. If you need support, please contact Bravehearts’ Information and Support Line on 1800272 831 (Mon-Fri, 8:30am - 4:30pm AEST). 

Mary's story

Mary initially called Bravehearts’ Information and Support Line for guidance after her seven year-old daughter, Emily, disclosed that her uncle (Mary’s brother) had been sexually abusing her. 

Imagine how difficult it must have been for Mary to make this call to Bravehearts? To open up to our Support Line Operator and admit that her daughter had experienced this horrific abuse at the hands of someone she had trusted? It took so much courage for Emily to tell her Mum, but it also took immense bravery for Mary to make that call. 

Mary was met on the other end of the line by a calm and compassionate Support Line Operator, who understood instantly what Mary needed in that moment – support, understanding and a way forward. That difficult call was the start of Mary and Emily’s healing journey. Both went on to receive counselling with Bravehearts, but it was that initial phone call to our Support Line that was so vital. In Mary’s own words:

‘Thank you so much for your kindness on the phone, and for forwarding the resources and referral options. (I’m) already feeling less alone, and a little more hopeful for the year ahead.’    

A tax-deductible gift of $200 from you today can keep Bravehearts’ Information and Support Line in operation for one day. 

the impact of your donation


Helps to fund resources used in counselling sessions for children affected by sexual abuse


Can cover the cost of a counselling session for a child and their non-offending family


Can keep Bravehearts' Information and Support Line in operation for one day

jessica's story

Jessica was only eight when she was sexually abused by a trusted family friend – an experience no child should ever endure. When she bravely disclosed to her teacher, her parents turned to Bravehearts for help. 

Through Bravehearts’ counselling services, Jessica found a safe space to express her feelings and begin her healing journey. Each session was a step toward reclaiming her childhood.
The trauma of child sexual abuse extends beyond the victim, which is why Jessica’s parents also engaged in counselling with Bravehearts. As a family, they received the wrap-around support they needed to move forward with their lives and let go of the unfounded feelings of shame and guilt that so often plague victims and those who support them. 

Jessica’s Dad explains in this excerpt from a ‘thank you’ email he sent to Bravehearts:

‘[Our counsellor] helped Jessica feel safe again. [Our counsellor] also taught (my wife and I) to stop blaming ourselves – that the blame lays with the offender and no one else. This has been a hard journey for us, but we finally feel we are at the point where we can forgive ourselves and move to a point of healing. Thank you for helping our family.’

A gift from you today of $150 can cover the cost of a counselling session for a child and their non-offending family members. 

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For over 26 years, Bravehearts has been working to prevent and treat child sexual abuse - a crime that is experienced by 1 in 4 Australian children. Every day, thanks to the support of people like you, we’re able to make significant strides towards a safer world for our children.

Learn more about the vital work of Bravehearts and become a supporter today!

john's story

John turned to Bravehearts for support after his two young sons were sexually abused by an older child. It was vital for John to find a safe and supportive environment for both his sons and him to talk through and understand what happened so they could heal as a family. 

John and his boys found that space and that healing with their Bravehearts counsellor:

‘Our counsellor [has been] amazing for both my boys and me. My boys felt comfortable and safe in the space being heard and supported. The way [our counsellor] set up the room for each child had a positive impact as my boys couldn’t wait to be back. [Our counsellor] provided me with techniques, support and knowledge to help me move forward with confidence. Thank you! Such a positive experience for the three of us and [to] know that we are welcome anytime.’

A tax-deductible gift of $50 by June 30 can cover the cost of the resources that our counsellors use to help make young children like John’s sons feel safe and supported during their sessions. Will you donate $50 today?

every donation contributes to a new story of healing hope

Your support can provide life-changing services for more parents like Mary and John, and more children like Emily and Jessica. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to our cause. Together, we can keep our promise to protect and heal.