Kelly Primrose

777 Marathon National 2024

I'm completing 777 for...

My daughter.

I have been a part of the Bravehearts 777 family since my daughter completed her first in 2021. Often the support crew in all of her events, I have decided to join her as a National Runner in 2024.

Although I am not a runner, Kait has managed to convince me to do several events, but this is her greatest feat yet. I am excited to challenge myself, share this experience with her, and understand for myself what the National Runners go through during the 777 week. 

I am a proud mother and self claimed "favourite aunt", and am committed to raising money and awareness for Bravehearts and young Aussie kids who need educating, protecting and empowering. 

I'll be the one in pink!

KP :)

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