Meet our 777 marathon national team

Luke Biermann

South Australia

I am attracted to both the mental and physical challenge of the 777 marathon - 295 km in a week, who wouldn’t be excited about that? 

I am putting in enough of my own money to cover the flights, accommodation, food etc so anything donated is going straight to Bravehearts to help with their prevention work.  

I plan to vlog the whole event and put it up on YouTube, so if you donate and are interested you can get some entertainment out of it as well! I'm sure watching me destroy my legs and body will be very entertaining ? 

Andrew Thorpe


Hi I’m Andrew Thorpe, I’m a proud Gunai Gunditjamara man living on Bunuroung Country in Pakenham Victoria. 

I’ve been running for just over 2 years now. 

It all started when I realised, I was mentally struggling and needed to find a way to get out of my head. So, I started with some 3-5km runs and before I knew it, I was running a marathon later that year. I haven’t stopped running since and recently completed my first 100km run. 

I’d heard about the 777 challenge and was straight away intrigued by it. Then when I found out it was run as a charity event, through Bravehearts, there was no turning back. 

This challenge aligns with my values, not just the running but also the charity. Being a foster carer myself I know how vulnerable these kids are and how this impacts their future, so I’m proud to be a part of this. 

I am 100% committed to this cause and the 777 Marathon and cannot wait to get started!

Chris Glacken

South Australia

I'm about to embark on my eighth year involvement running the Bravehearts 777 Marathon to help educate, empower and protect our Aussie kids from child sexual abuse.

With the support of other runners we have slowly created a profile for Bravehearts in South Australia. I’m proud of what we have achieved together.

I want to help provide a world where all kids can enjoy life and grow up in a safe environment.

I'm looking forward to catching up with past legends (including runners and support staff) from the 777 family as well as meeting all the new runners in 2022.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

Branka Indic


I accidently fell in love with running around eight years ago. So far, I have completed eight Marathons and numerous half marathons. I have run New York, Chicago, Prague, Paris, Athens, and Berlin is scheduled for September 2022.

I have three beautiful, strong, independent, smart girls and am a very proud Mother! 

In addition to running and travelling, I am very committed and passionate about protecting and safeguarding all children.

I have decided to join Bravehearts 777 Marathon in order to bring awareness and much needed funds that will enable this great organisation to continue providing education and support for children. I will run 7 Half Marathons over 7 consecutive days in 7 States. 

This is going to be a HUGE challenge for me, both physically and mentally, but I am 100% committed and believe I can do this with your support. Please support me by donating today to meet my fundraising goal of $10 000. 

Peter Mahoney


My Name is peter Mahoney and I’m 58. The secret carried since childhood drives me now. My father was a very violent abusive alcoholic, to myself and my mother and siblings - unfortunately for me there was more. I’m stating this not for sympathy as a way of explaining why I’m so very keen to support Bravehearts. 

I was so very lucky to have a strong loving mum who got us kids through those years but the there was no support, no one outside our home knew. That’s why the school programs delivered by Bravehearts are so important. If kids can be shown it’s ok to speak up, to empower them not to be victims, we can change the futures of not only the kids, but entire families. 

I’m the luckiest man in the world, I know too many here in Ballarat who couldn’t carry the burden and have taken their own lives, but here I am having been father to five kids. Now my youngest is 24 and I have eight grandchildren. 

They are proud that I’m doing 777 again. Yes I can run - that’s the easy part. The hard part is asking for donations. There are so many worthy causes out there. I only ask for your consideration to help me get behind Bravehearts and help protect the most precious in our community, the kids.  

Fenix Maiorana


I experienced ongoing sexual abuse from the age of five into adulthood. It effected every aspect of my life in ways you can't imagine. Being sexually assaulted, groomed and conditioned from a young age to keep quiet about what was happening to me left me with post-traumatic stress syndrome, major depression and anxiety.

I made the decision to break my silence three years ago and since then I haven’t looked back. I know 100% that speaking up was the right thing to do. It was time for me to stop carrying the burden and open up to the people in my life who love me and care about my welfare.

I am by no means an athlete, but I am taking on Bravehearts 777 Marathon again this year so I can support the work of this organisation so no other child has to experience what I went through. 

Douglas Noonan

New South Wales

I am 44 years old and at the time of writing, have never run a marathon! I have always been an active person but only recently have I discovered a desire to push myself further in all aspects of life and to do more to help those who may not necessarily have the ability or means to help themselves. 

I was lucky enough to grow up in a loving, secure, protected family environment however I am only too aware that not all kids are as fortunate as I was. I am a father of two beautiful kids who are my world. I would do anything to ensure they have a happy and safe home environment and would love to see all Australian kids afforded the same basic right and feel that this is an opportunity for me to do something more to help raise awareness and funds for a great cause. 

An avid runner and sportsman, my partner and I enjoy getting out of the rat race and doing multi-day hikes whenever we get the chance.

Jess Peil

Australian Capital Territory

Welcome to my marathon running journey. This is not only about the running but also about the purpose. People think us National runners doing 7 marathons in 7 states in 7 days are a little nuts, and we sure are - But it starts the conversation about the reason behind our journey.

Running for Bravehearts has given me such strength to make a change for Australia's children. Running the 7 marathons back in 2019 changed my life and made me discover my reason for being. Child sexual assault is not ok, I won’t stop until it is stamped out. I would love your support on this adventure.

Kirrily Sartore

Australian Capital Territory

I am mother to a beautiful 12 year old daughter, partner to an amazing man Ross (also completing Bravehearts 777), a Defence Veteran and now Public Servant working for Defence.

Whilst I have always been physically active, I have only recently understood the joys and challenges that running can bring. I have participated in several road and trail running events including local and interstate half marathons. I have also completed several Ultra running events through the trails of the ACT and NSW.

Although the joy of crossing the finish line each time can be rewarding, it is nothing compared to the thought of helping those that are less fortunate than myself and my family.

By taking part in the enormous challenge of Bravehearts 777 Marathon, I hope to raise much needed funding and awareness for such a worthwhile cause.

Lucy Saville


I am an 18 year-old nursing student and passionate athlete, and I am so excited to combine my love for helping others and pushing my limits in Bravehearts 777. My goal is to run six half-marathons in the first six days and finish off nicely in the Gold Coast Marathon with the 10km event. In regard to fundraising, I plan on covering enough costs to cover my flights, accommodation and other costs so all my donations and sponsorship funds go directly to Bravehearts.

 I’m passionate about children and young people and their care. This is why I choose to support Bravehearts as they are working so hard to ensure children across Australia are protected against sexual abuse. 

Ross Scott

Australian Capital Territory

I am a loving partner, devoted father, a Defence veteran, and now a contractor to Defence and an avid runner. I have been extremely lucky to have had a humble and loving upbringing in rural Victoria where I felt safe. My partner Kirrily and I have a beautiful, fun loving, confident 12 year old daughter. The thought of her being anything other than safe and well, terrifies me. 

Those who know me know that I enjoy running. I’m certainly not fast but I love the crunch of gravel under my feet exploring the many trails in and around Canberra. I’ve completed many running events including some ultramarathons.

When I heard about Bravehearts and the incredible work they do, it was a revelation, a moment in time when I knew I could be doing more for our community and the vulnerable children within it. This was an opportunity to link my running to a cause and hopefully inspire others to take part. This will be my third year of raising funds for Bravehearts. I did the virtual event in 2020, the QLD Edition in 2021 and hopefully the National event in 2022.

Melissa Searle


I am an extremely motivated, passionate and proud mum of three adult children and this year, I became a proud Nanna of a beautiful boy. I believe that you can do anything you set your mind to, as life is too short to hold regrets. I continuously strive to be a positive role model for all and educate our children. I am an Assistant Principal, where my portfolio focusses on Student Wellbeing and Inclusion. As an educator, I understand that it is vital we teach our children how to socially and emotionally succeed in a world of complex challenges.

I have been a runner for most of my life. Today, I am an accredited running coach, personal trainer and CrossFit Coach. I also have many half marathons and marathons to my name and this will be my second year doing 777, which I feel privileged to be a part of again. Running for me is not about winning the race, it’s about personal achievement, friendships, role modelling and helping others achieve their own personal goals. This love and importance I place into wellbeing, fitness and running has also been instilled within my own family. Combining both my passion to run marathons and the opportunity to be a voice of our children. I believe that we have the ability to join together and make a difference. It’s all about the kids!


John Wilson

New South Wales

My name is John Wilson, 44yrs old Father to 3 Boys.

I started running about 7yrs ago. My first major event was the Canberra 100km. 100km was Probably not the best one too start with, but I finished it, and was hooked. I signed up for 777 2020, when that was canceled, I had already trained extremely hard and had raised over $16000, so I decided to run the 7 Marathons in Canberra.  We mapped out the 7 routes to incorporate roads to match the States I should have been running that Day. It was a fantastic week, the Support I received was truly amazing. I really want to challenge myself again and run the event the way it was designed. So I signed up for 2022.

I have committed to raised $10000 for this great and much needed Charity.

Chris Wilson


Hi I’m Chris Wilson, when it comes to running, I’m a special type of crazy - the harder and more extreme, the better! There is something about immersing yourself in a challenge that at first seems out of reach, then with a decent amount of training, you’re finally ready and the feeling of crossing the finish line after months of preparation and grit is unequalled.  

When I read about the Bravehearts 777, I was in! The opportunity to run seven marathons in seven consecutive days in seven cities, while raising money for a worthwhile cause is compelling. Before joining 777, I had little knowledge of the great work of Bravehearts and the more I learn about their work the more I understand how important raising money will be to their capacity to make real change in this area. I have previously raised money for charity through running, and I look forward to joining with the other runners during this week.