Bunnies for Bravehearts

This Easter, gift a plush comfort bunny to a child in trauma counselling.

Thanks to your generosity, Bravehearts was able to provide a plush comfort bunny to each child in specialist trauma counselling throughout 2023. We need your help again this year so we can continue providing this small comfort to children affected by sexual abuse throughout 2024.
Please help these brave little hearts in their healing journey with a donation towards the Bunnies for Bravehearts Project 2024.

How it works

  • You donate $50 to the project and in return we gift a beautiful, cuddly plush bunny to a child in trauma counselling.
  • You receive a thank you card in recognition of your kind donation.
  • Your donation is fully tax-deductible.

So instead of buying chocolates this Easter, give a gift that will help ease a young child's path towards healing from the trauma of child sexual abuse.

>> LEARN MORE about the benefits of using soft toys in a therapeutic setting.

"I have had a young client continually bring her bunny to her counselling sessions. A lot of my clients' parents tell me their child sleeps with their bunny."

~ Greg, Bravehearts Clinician

"I have an 8-year-old client who has named her bunny 'Bonnie'. We have incorporated the Bunny into her self-regulation strategies. She sleeps with Bonnie and if she has a nightmare she whispers to it, “That was a bad dream, I am safe,” and strokes the bunny until she falls back to sleep. She reports that she has been having less nightmares since using this approach."

~ Mark, Bravehearts Clinician


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A bunny for a child in trauma counselling
A bunny for a child in trauma counselling + funds towards the cost of a counselling session.

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